Monday, 5 August 2013

The Science and Art of Choosing Quilting Fabric for Projects

Fabric is the essence of the quilt. Everything about the fabric must be carefully considered, from thread count to pattern. The only quilting rule is that the fabrics chosen should be pleasing to the quilter. That leaves the door open to be adventurous and try a variety of designer fabrics to express creativity.

Choosing the fabric for a quilting project is one part science and one part art. The science of quilting considers the thread count and grain alignment of fabrics. The art of quilting considers the color and pattern consistency of the fabrics. Choosing fabrics is not always easy because there are so many wonderful patterns available today, including florals, abstracts, animals, checks, chevrons, and holiday themes, to name just a few. Take your time and enjoy the process.

You can choose fabrics manufactured by a single designer and made to complement each other. However, it really is more fun to mix-and-match fabrics from multiple designers, coordinating to the dominant color in the main print. Some of the most beautiful and unique quilt designs are the result of blending color hues and patterns from various designers. It forces the quilter to think creatively, and that is precisely how the most interesting finished quilts emerge.

Begin with a main fabric and choose up to nine more fabrics that blend well with the main fabric. Novice quilters are sometimes hesitant about blending patterns and colors. After completing a few quilts, most quilters know which fabrics are most pleasing to their artistic eye. Some people even get inspired and choose novelty fabrics just for the fun of it.

Choosing quilting fabric is one of the most entertaining steps for any project. You should not hesitate to be innovative. Good advice is to always adhere to those colors and patterns that you like. Buying high quality fabrics and supplies will ensure the final project is everything you hoped it would be in terms of artistry and appearance.

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