Sunday, 27 October 2013

At the Houson Quilt Market

What a fun but busy time i have had at the Houston Quilt Market. This is where we shop owners come to look at what's new and what we will be buying for our stores. The general public are not allowed in there turn comes this week for the Houston Quilt show.
It has been a busy few days, i flew in from Korea this time, time wise only 1 hour after i left Seoul but for me it was over 20 hours of traveling from Home to the hotel I would show you the picture but its now so pretty.  The George W Brown convention centre is huge and no joking it is a keep fit week with all the walking. There are different classes offered to help us build our business and show new techniques so that we can show you so it is a learning curve too. People are very friendly and helpful and there are plenty of places to sit and have a coffee if you have the time. I completed a boot camp on retail and the words that i keep hearing from everywhere is social media, and I must get so much better at using this. Schoolhouse was good you have a choice from 20 seminars that you can go to they last from 30 to 15mins during the day then you have 5 mins to walk to the next one where you have another choice  of 20 so the hardest part of all this is which ones to choose. My phone and camera have both been on overload and i hope to give you some tastes of what has been happening of course i know you would love to see all the quilts. I have chosen to stay at the Hilton Hotel as it has a sky way across to the centre and saves me having to walk or get the shuttle and  i can go back to the room to take things or get a well needed cup of tea. The actual market opens on Saturday and runs until Monday. Classes are already starting for Quilt Festival on Monday so there are lots of people milling around. As i came from so far away i am staying for both events so  Monday morning will see me taking an all day class on Colour theory with i think might be very helpful. I will give you a sneak preview of two picture i took at the show more to follow when i have processed them.
There are some bags from Pink Sand Designs we will have them in store soon.
From the quilt show. Well don Liz Jones her quilt looked fantastic. So proud to see it hanging there.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A little delay!

Sorry the next part of Beauties of joy are a little delay and tomorrow i am off to the Houston quilt show so away for 10days. I have a lot to tell you about my little border, and what  happened to mine.
So don't worry not finished yet.
Will be posting about the Houston Market and Quilt show so watch out for the latest info.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Getting there.

Well i love making these arc, they take about 40mins each so if you are in a hurry for a quilt this ain't the one to make.
Again there was four to make and then add the border to the small circles, i did not take a picture of the process as it is the same process as made in part one. Here is one of the  completed circles.

Now once you have made all four of these arc they are connected i thought i would be clever and pin all mine at once look what happened.

When adding the pins i must have twisted it some how can to unravel and had to open a small seam to make it look right and then sew it back up
Here is the completed part 2
I think the hardest part of this so part was making the corner square when you added the centre, 3 went well and of course there is always an awkward one but he got sorted in the end.
The next section of the quilt is going to give me some problems with my fabric choices as in the quilt they use 26 different fabric and i only have 6 so lets see how that goes.
Lots of tracing again so off to sharpen my pencil.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Patchwork and Quilting as a Social Hobby

In the early days of our country, the Quilting Bee was the most common way to socialize. When the weather turned cold and the days grew short, life slowed down and women would quilt. One woman could piece together two or three quilt-tops over a winter. Through the winter and early spring, the women would meet and turn all the quilt-tops into quilts.

The act of joining a quilt-top to backing and padding is very rewarding, but monotonous when done alone. Quilting Bees make the job more interesting by adding conversation and company. It also had the benefit to being faster than doing it alone.

In the early days, large wooden looms were often hung from the ceiling. The quilting loom would be lowered down to the proper height and chairs would be pulled around the loom. This was the way they got together and socialized while still working. Many times they would call together a Quilting Bee for special occasions; engagements or births, for example.

Quilting Bees today are still a great opportunity to socialize. Some groups are purely for the social aspect of it, others have made it a way to raise money for a cause while doing patchwork and quilting with their friends. Some groups enter competitions with the quilts they create.

Today's looms are much smaller. They make it possible to do a Quilting Bee most anywhere. Combined with quilting pattern software and portable sewing machines it's possible quilt, from start to finish, in one day.   

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beauties of Joy completed Part Two.

Well up front i have to tell you that this part 2 is quite a lot of work, there was a lot of tracing to do as everything was in fours,  4 small arcs and 4 large one.
I used a different fabric for the small arcs what do you think
                      Looking at it here i was not sure if it would work

But i quite like it now it is made up.
Now the centre is going to be the red, but wait there a bit missing! Read the pattern no its fine, i did not want to applique this centre so i machine stitched it instead and it worked fine,
 Pin with the registration marks together and then just work with a cm in front of you and it goings in quite easy. Look for yourself.
So one down 3 to go not to bad.

I am enjoying this paper piecing its fun and getting good points.  I use a cutting mat next to the sewing machine on one side and on the other i have the  iron on the ironing board, this saves me having to keep getting up to go to the big cutting mat. and the iron makes it so easy. I use the paper piecing method that works for me which is,
 Here is the small arc and  I have stitch down the correct line.
It has been pressed and now you can see that i have placed a postcard on the next line to be stitched.
 I then fold back the paper on that line to expose the fabric below
 Taking my quarter inch ruler i then cut that with the rotary cutter leaving me with a quarter inch seam

Now it is easy to but up the next fabric and know exactly you get a correct seam
Four small arcs all present and correct.
Now onto the larger ones.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauties of Joy Two

Well thing are underway at last all the cutting out done for the first part of this project, designs traced and off i go.
I really hope i like this is my first thought.
Here is the first circle just completed before trimming still not to sure.  Paper piecing was easy and it took me around 35mins to complete this circle not going to be a fast project me thinks.
Trimmed looks a bit better, beginning to grown on me a bit. Now next is to applique the centre circle. I hate applique, usually i would sew in the circle but it is rather small and might be tricky so this time i will applique it but what fabric, another choice to be made.

Well what do you think certainly makes the circle stand out, i used a small blanket stitch to applique the circle with invisible thread. Those marks that are on the pattern are very important for matching everything up. Must remember to make sure i add them to the fabric i used a pencil they showed up well.
Next the outer part of the circle.
Well i chose cream for the outer circle (this is the fairy frost) part of the quilt and added also the outer border, i am thinking it might be a bit pinky but i got this far have to keep going.
The next section is the parts that make this circle a square.
An easy piece of sewing so how about adding the circle will that be as easy lets see.
Well having the registration marks made its fitting together much easier that than i first thought so liking it a bit better now. Well only the small border to put on to finish this part 1
So you can just see the border i used the fabric i used for the centre is a border fabric with lots of rows of this gold so thought if i was careful i could use it for these small border hope i have enough.
Well that it part 1 complete could leave it here and make a cushion but have quite enjoyed this so i will go on to Part 2. Give me a few days and you should see it posted on the blog.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Brilliant Beauties of Joy. Stage One choosing

Well today is the day i am starting this project Brilliant Beauties of Joy by Jacqueline de Jonge.
Here at passion4quilting we stock the patterns but i have only made Happiness quilt and watch Jacqueline DVD. So i thought I am going to make that quilt.
First off looking at the pattern the original quilt uses 26 different fabric, i don't have that much fabric with me here in Korea so i am going to make it with much less fabric. Here are the two fabric i am auditioning.
This fabric is from Riley Blake Remember range

This selection is Twig & Grace
for both selection of fabric i have added a plain fairy frost fabric also.

Its never easy to pick the fabric and be certain it will work but i am willing to take the risk and my final choice is the Twig and Grace i may add fabrics if i need to. So i am off.
There are 5 parts to this project and each one comes with it own foundation paper, but i have a roll of Jacqueline's Be Colourful foundation paper that if i trace off the pattern the pattern then remains in-tact if i want to use the pattern again.
I must allow myself time to read through the instruction this is my downfall i do something and oops should not have done that. So had a cup of coffee read the instructions and traced off the pattern and ready to go. LIke this paper easy to use and trace feels like a thin freezer paper without the wax side i think it will be nice to work with.
Look out for the next installment.