Sunday, 27 October 2013

At the Houson Quilt Market

What a fun but busy time i have had at the Houston Quilt Market. This is where we shop owners come to look at what's new and what we will be buying for our stores. The general public are not allowed in there turn comes this week for the Houston Quilt show.
It has been a busy few days, i flew in from Korea this time, time wise only 1 hour after i left Seoul but for me it was over 20 hours of traveling from Home to the hotel I would show you the picture but its now so pretty.  The George W Brown convention centre is huge and no joking it is a keep fit week with all the walking. There are different classes offered to help us build our business and show new techniques so that we can show you so it is a learning curve too. People are very friendly and helpful and there are plenty of places to sit and have a coffee if you have the time. I completed a boot camp on retail and the words that i keep hearing from everywhere is social media, and I must get so much better at using this. Schoolhouse was good you have a choice from 20 seminars that you can go to they last from 30 to 15mins during the day then you have 5 mins to walk to the next one where you have another choice  of 20 so the hardest part of all this is which ones to choose. My phone and camera have both been on overload and i hope to give you some tastes of what has been happening of course i know you would love to see all the quilts. I have chosen to stay at the Hilton Hotel as it has a sky way across to the centre and saves me having to walk or get the shuttle and  i can go back to the room to take things or get a well needed cup of tea. The actual market opens on Saturday and runs until Monday. Classes are already starting for Quilt Festival on Monday so there are lots of people milling around. As i came from so far away i am staying for both events so  Monday morning will see me taking an all day class on Colour theory with i think might be very helpful. I will give you a sneak preview of two picture i took at the show more to follow when i have processed them.
There are some bags from Pink Sand Designs we will have them in store soon.
From the quilt show. Well don Liz Jones her quilt looked fantastic. So proud to see it hanging there.

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