Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beauties of Joy completed Part Two.

Well up front i have to tell you that this part 2 is quite a lot of work, there was a lot of tracing to do as everything was in fours,  4 small arcs and 4 large one.
I used a different fabric for the small arcs what do you think
                      Looking at it here i was not sure if it would work

But i quite like it now it is made up.
Now the centre is going to be the red, but wait there a bit missing! Read the pattern no its fine, i did not want to applique this centre so i machine stitched it instead and it worked fine,
 Pin with the registration marks together and then just work with a cm in front of you and it goings in quite easy. Look for yourself.
So one down 3 to go not to bad.

I am enjoying this paper piecing its fun and getting good points.  I use a cutting mat next to the sewing machine on one side and on the other i have the  iron on the ironing board, this saves me having to keep getting up to go to the big cutting mat. and the iron makes it so easy. I use the paper piecing method that works for me which is,
 Here is the small arc and  I have stitch down the correct line.
It has been pressed and now you can see that i have placed a postcard on the next line to be stitched.
 I then fold back the paper on that line to expose the fabric below
 Taking my quarter inch ruler i then cut that with the rotary cutter leaving me with a quarter inch seam

Now it is easy to but up the next fabric and know exactly you get a correct seam
Four small arcs all present and correct.
Now onto the larger ones.

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