Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beauties of Joy Two

Well thing are underway at last all the cutting out done for the first part of this project, designs traced and off i go.
I really hope i like this is my first thought.
Here is the first circle just completed before trimming still not to sure.  Paper piecing was easy and it took me around 35mins to complete this circle not going to be a fast project me thinks.
Trimmed looks a bit better, beginning to grown on me a bit. Now next is to applique the centre circle. I hate applique, usually i would sew in the circle but it is rather small and might be tricky so this time i will applique it but what fabric, another choice to be made.

Well what do you think certainly makes the circle stand out, i used a small blanket stitch to applique the circle with invisible thread. Those marks that are on the pattern are very important for matching everything up. Must remember to make sure i add them to the fabric i used a pencil they showed up well.
Next the outer part of the circle.
Well i chose cream for the outer circle (this is the fairy frost) part of the quilt and added also the outer border, i am thinking it might be a bit pinky but i got this far have to keep going.
The next section is the parts that make this circle a square.
An easy piece of sewing so how about adding the circle will that be as easy lets see.
Well having the registration marks made its fitting together much easier that than i first thought so liking it a bit better now. Well only the small border to put on to finish this part 1
So you can just see the border i used the fabric i used for the centre is a border fabric with lots of rows of this gold so thought if i was careful i could use it for these small border hope i have enough.
Well that it part 1 complete could leave it here and make a cushion but have quite enjoyed this so i will go on to Part 2. Give me a few days and you should see it posted on the blog.

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