Monday, 7 October 2013

Brilliant Beauties of Joy. Stage One choosing

Well today is the day i am starting this project Brilliant Beauties of Joy by Jacqueline de Jonge.
Here at passion4quilting we stock the patterns but i have only made Happiness quilt and watch Jacqueline DVD. So i thought I am going to make that quilt.
First off looking at the pattern the original quilt uses 26 different fabric, i don't have that much fabric with me here in Korea so i am going to make it with much less fabric. Here are the two fabric i am auditioning.
This fabric is from Riley Blake Remember range

This selection is Twig & Grace
for both selection of fabric i have added a plain fairy frost fabric also.

Its never easy to pick the fabric and be certain it will work but i am willing to take the risk and my final choice is the Twig and Grace i may add fabrics if i need to. So i am off.
There are 5 parts to this project and each one comes with it own foundation paper, but i have a roll of Jacqueline's Be Colourful foundation paper that if i trace off the pattern the pattern then remains in-tact if i want to use the pattern again.
I must allow myself time to read through the instruction this is my downfall i do something and oops should not have done that. So had a cup of coffee read the instructions and traced off the pattern and ready to go. LIke this paper easy to use and trace feels like a thin freezer paper without the wax side i think it will be nice to work with.
Look out for the next installment.

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