Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Getting there.

Well i love making these arc, they take about 40mins each so if you are in a hurry for a quilt this ain't the one to make.
Again there was four to make and then add the border to the small circles, i did not take a picture of the process as it is the same process as made in part one. Here is one of the  completed circles.

Now once you have made all four of these arc they are connected i thought i would be clever and pin all mine at once look what happened.

When adding the pins i must have twisted it some how can to unravel and had to open a small seam to make it look right and then sew it back up
Here is the completed part 2
I think the hardest part of this so part was making the corner square when you added the centre, 3 went well and of course there is always an awkward one but he got sorted in the end.
The next section of the quilt is going to give me some problems with my fabric choices as in the quilt they use 26 different fabric and i only have 6 so lets see how that goes.
Lots of tracing again so off to sharpen my pencil.

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