Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beautys of Joy continues at last.

Well sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this, but the interruption of the Houston Quilt show and then all the product to add to the website has slowed down my quilting time. At least now I have had a little machine time.
Well I have to tell you that i was not really looking forward to doing this border, I thought it would be tedious and I can tell you that was really the wrong way to approach it.
Note to self Don't do this again.
I had cut my fabrics and my 16 rows, i choose to use a selection of my fabrics  and do them in blocks but sort of blend them in also. I use 8 fabric, I put on some music and off i went.Quite please how quickly they pieced together did not press just finger pressed,
Note to self Don't do this again.
I added the four rows to the two short side and oops instead of using 30 block i only used 29 no problem i thought.
Note to self Don't think
It won't matter well of course it mattered because when you come to add the third and four side, you don't have alternative block so it does not look right.
So after a lots of blow hot and cold about what i was going to do. I finally undid the rows and did them again.
I think what happened was that because i was not pressing i had some play in the seam and over 30 small blocks that was quite a lot of play hence only needing the 29. Especially  when the paper piecing paper came off.
So i approached it from a different direction this time. i used freezer paper but instead of sewing the paper you sew the seam by the paper,.

I got my husband to trace out the design for me he is very good at it i found.
Here is the start of the row two fabric right sides together lined up on the second row 1/4inch above. I pressed it so it now stuck to the top fabric.
Then using my postcard i folded the paper over.

 Here you can see what i am talking about.
The i stitch the seam right next to the fabric but not touching the paper.

You continue in this way trimming your seam to 1/4inch. if you press on the paper side the heat of the iron stick the freezer paper to the fabric, but it does peal off and you can use the same piece of paper for several row.

This is the set up now next to my machine small cutting mat, ruler, postcard, iron and board (which i made myself out of a wooden chopping board, added some insulation batting and a cover of fabric just taped it to the back and hey presto a small pressing board.
I made this so much work because of my casual attitude and my it does not matter close enough is good enough attitude.
Note to self. Work smarter.
Hope you enjoyed this segmant and learn from my mistake.
Happy Quilting.

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