Monday, 9 December 2013

Beauty of Joy together.

I am pleased to say that this top is all together now, but wait i am getting ahead of myself when i left you last i had two section to complete.
This is really one section but split into two if you understand my meaning.
 This is the final arc and it made in two section and then pieced together.

Here you can see it with the first centre section. I do have a funny story here my husband draw out the pattern for me, he is so talented in that department compared to me. and when i came to put on the outside section i could not work out why my arc would not fit and where this small section that i had left would fit. Finally when all else failed i went back to the pattern and realized that the small piece i had left over actually should have been connected to the long section. Well mystery solve. Message to self READ THE PATTERN, but i did not mention the wasted fabric or the problem to my husband in case he does not want to do my tracing any more.

 Here is the final top sorry it not a great picture  it hard to lay it out on my shiny floor, but i have sent it off to be quilted today so as soon as it comes back i will post a much better picture.

Well at the end of my quest how did i like making this quilt, it was not hard if you know what your doing, if you are a beginner do not start with this one. I did find it a bit boring making all the arcs, but funny at the same time i became a bit obsessed with at the same time. It is a nice design and i know it will be even more lovely when quilted. the instructions were well written and every went together very nicely so if your tempted i would say have a go.
Happy Quilting

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